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Our team of dental specialists and staff strive to improve the overall health of our patients by focusing on preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with your teeth and gums. Please use our dental library to learn more about dental problems and the treatments available. If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment, contact us.

Loves Park, IL Dentist
Our services include General Dentistry such as Teeth Whitening, Crowns, Preventive Care, Periodontal Exams. View a Complete List of our Dental Services: Sleep Apnea and Snoring. Should you ever need additional information about our practice, we are always available to answer your questions…

Dental Services
Services we offer include Bonding, repairing small chips or cracks Crowns & Bridgework, to replace large amounts of lost tooth structure and/or missing teeth. Dental Implants, for the longest-lasting tooth replacement available today Fillings, to make your teeth strong and healthy again Oral Cancer Screenings, to detect disease at a curable stage Orthodontic Treatment, to move teeth into the right position Periodontal (Gum) Disease Therapy, to prevent tooth loss Porcelain Veneers, for repairing larger chips and cracks, and reshaping teeth Professional Teeth Cleanings, to maintain good oral health Removable Dentures, to help you smile again Root Canal Treatment, to save an infected tooth Sealants, to protect children’s teeth from decay Teeth Whitening, to brighten a faded or discolored smile TMJ/TMD Treatment, for chronic jaw pain. Tooth Extractions, when a tooth is hopelessly damaged or decayed. Sleep Apnea & Snoring, Deep Cleaning Therapy. Deep cleaning is a therapeutic procedure designed to help avoid periodontal disease…

For Michael Buble, the Show Must Go On… Even Without the Tooth
With a fixed bridge, the prosthetic tooth is supported by crowns that are placed on healthy teeth on either side of the gap…

Treating Impacted Canine Teeth
Next, a minor surgical procedure, performed under local anesthesia, is used to expose the crowns (surfaces) of the impacted teeth…

Fixed or Removable: Deciding Which Implant-Supported Bridge is Best for You
In this case, only a few strategically placed implants are needed to support restorations of multiple crowns fused together into a single unit…

Attention to Detail Crucial to a Beautiful Smile Supported by Dental Implants
To make sure the implant blends in with adjacent teeth, it’s important to match the color incorporated into the porcelain crown with the natural crowns beside them…

Spice Up Your Teeth
For example, crowns (caps) are substantial coverings that may be placed on teeth when they are being restored…

A Toothless Tiger?
Crowns are generally made to order in a dental lab, and are placed on a prepared tooth in a procedure that requires two office visits: one to prepare the tooth for restoration and to make a model of the mouth and the second to place the custom-manufactured crown and complete the restoration…

Dental Magic Transforms Smiles

4 Dental Care Areas to Keep in Mind for the Senior Adult in Your Life
Past dental work like fillings, crowns, or bridges may also make hygiene and additional treatment more difficult

If You’re Considering Braces, Here’s How They Work
We first attach small brackets to the front crowns of the teeth (the visible portion) and then string arch wires through them

Dental Crowns for the King of Magic
Crowns (also called caps) are suitable when a tooth has lost part of its visible structure, but still has healthy roots beneath the gum line

Not All Crowns are Alike. Know the Differences to Get the Look you Want
Crowns have been a mainstay in dentistry for generations…

Dr. Travis Stork: If Only I’d Worn A Mouthguard!
Eventually, both were successfully restored with dental crowns

New Front Teeth for a Teenaged David Duchovny
The crowns — lifelike replacements for the visible part of the tooth — are securely attached to the implants via special connectors called abutments

Life Is Sometimes a Grind for Brooke Shields
Bruxism may also result in excessive tooth wear, and may damage dental work like crowns and bridges; in severe cases, loosened or fractured teeth have been reported

Jimmy Fallon Can’t Catch a Break – Except in His Tooth
For larger chips or cracks, veneers or crowns may be suggested

America’s (Dentists) Got Talent – for Fixing Damaged or Missing Teeth!
You can learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Crowns & Bridgework

A Royal Fix
You can learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Repairing Chipped Teeth” and “Crowns and Bridgework

New Crowns Give Both Durability and Beauty to Problem Teeth
Crowns have been used for decades to restore teeth, but the materials they’re made of have changed with time

Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello Chips a Tooth, but Concert Still “Worth It”
You can read more in the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Porcelain Veneers: Strength & Beauty As Never Before” and “Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

Baseball’s Francisco Lindor Shines as “Mr. Smile”
These range from conservative procedures such as professional teeth whitening and bonding to more dramatic procedures like porcelain veneers or crowns

Crowns & Bridgework
Dentistry is an art as well as a science; dental crowns offer a perfect example of this

Gummy Smiles
Afterward, the worn-down teeth would usually be restored with porcelain crowns or veneers

Inlays & Onlays
Since dentistry’s goal is to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible, inlays and onlays may be recommended instead of crowns when a tooth can be restored with this more conservative type of treatment

Porcelain Veneers
And if you have lost a lot of tooth structure from decay or trauma (or a particularly severe grinding habit), it might be better to restore your teeth with porcelain crowns that cover the entire tooth

Tooth Wear
Depending on the situation, this can be done with bonding, veneers, or crowns

Cosmetic Gum Surgery
This causes a cosmetic problem because root surfaces, which have no enamel covering, tend to appear more yellow than the crowns of your teeth

Gum Grafting
Exposed tooth roots can make your teeth look overly “long,” and they also generally appear somewhat darker than your pearly white crowns

Eating Disorders & Oral Health
But the damage can be repaired with various restorative techniques including veneers and/or crowns

Oral Piercings
Teeth that have already been restored (with crowns, for example) maybe even more prone to damage

Stress & Oral Habits
And dental work such as crowns and fillings may get damaged

Anesthesia Wand
It provides painless injections for all routine dental treatments including root canals, crowns, fillings, and cleanings

Digital Dental Impressions
It’s possible to identify any additional prep work required for new crowns, veneers, and fillings right then and there; to implement any needed changes, and to rescan the tooth to create a new series of images and 3D model

Same-Day Crowns (CAD/CAM)
But these days, there’s a much more convenient alternative: same-day crowns made in the dental office

Top Reasons to Choose Dental Implants
Two, four, or more implants can be used to support multiple crowns, or even an entire arch of upper or lower replacement teeth

Root Canal Retreatment
After you are anesthetized (usually with a numbing shot), any restorations presently on your tooth — crowns, for example — will be altered to provide access to the root canal filling material

Root Canal Treatment
Restorations can take many forms, from traditional gold crowns to tooth replicas made of high-tech tooth-colored material

Cosmetic & General Dentistry
These procedures include: Cleanings & Oral Exams, to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and catch early signs of dental disease. Cosmetic Bonding, to repair small chips or cracks Crowns & Bridgework, to replace large amounts of lost tooth structure and/or missing teeth. Dental Implants, for the longest-lasting tooth replacement available today. Extractions, to remove unhealthy teeth that cannot be saved Fillings, to restore decayed teeth. Inlays & Onlays, fill teeth with larger cavities. Invisalign Clear Aligners, for highly discreet orthodontic treatment Oral Cancer Screenings, to detect a dangerous disease that can be cured if caught early Orthodontic Treatment, to move teeth into the right position. Porcelain Veneers, for repairing larger chips and cracks, and reshaping teeth Removable Dentures, to help you smile again. Root Canal Treatment, to rescue diseased teeth. Sealants, to help prevent cavities. Teeth Whitening, to brighten a faded or discolored smile. TMD Treatment, for pain in the jaw area that can interfere with biting and chewing. Tooth-Colored Fillings, for a completely natural, healthy look. Tooth Decay Prevention, so you keep your natural teeth as long as possible. When to Visit the dentist, Many people only go to the dentist when something is wrong

Pediatric Dentistry
The crowns (tops) of the permanent teeth actually push against the roots of the baby teeth, causing them to resorb, or melt away

By combining 3-D digital imaging and computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, it’s now possible to have permanent crown restorations completed in a single day — much better than leaving the office with temporary crowns and coming back weeks later for permanent ones! Cone Beam CT Imaging

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