A Comprehensive Guide to Dental Implant Surgery

When life throws tooth decay on your way, cure it with dental implants!

If your tooth is no longer alive, you need to replace it. By choosing dental implant surgery, you choose a permanent solution. Dental implant surgery is the process of installing metal roots inside your jaw to stabilize oral health. They are an effective alternative choice for dentures and dental bridges.

dental implants procedure

Significance of Dental Implant Surgery

It depends on the type of dental and your oral health condition. When the teeth are missing, the jaw bone takes some time to heal properly, which is why dental implant becomes a lengthy process.

Dental implants surgery is perfect for people with these conditions:

  • One or more missing tooth
  • One or more decayed tooth
  • Oral health in perfect condition
  • Perfectly grown jaw bone

Whereas, you can yield these benefits from a dental implant surgery:

  • Better chewing experience
  • Better speech
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Better jaw health

Process of Dental Implant Surgery

When you decide to take a step towards better dental health, the dental implant process begins. These few steps are essential prior to the dental implant surgery:

  • Dental examination: An x-ray will be the last nail in the coffin to determine whether a dental implant is something you NEED or not!

  • A brief study of medical history: If you want to deliberately avoid any infections post dental implant surgery, you should share your medical history with your doctor. (Remember, we at Riverside Dental Center keep your private details completely confidential.)

  • Suggest the dental implant surgery plan: Once it is evident that dental implant is the path to reach better oral health, your dentist will suggest the best treatment plan with you. The plan will be based on two factors; the number of (missing or decayed) tooth, health condition, and jawbone health.

The dental implant process begins…

Now that you have qualified for the dental implant surgery, these are the steps that you will have to undergo:

  • Bone grafting:

In case your jaw bone is not in perfect condition to endure a dental implant, your dentist will perform a bone grafting step. There are many different materials available for bone graft; from synthetic bone graft to natural bone graft (from another part of the body).

  • Implant placement:

Now that your jaw is ready to get a dental implant, your dentist will drill the bone to create space for the metal root.

  • Healing period:

You can not simply fix the abutment right after implant placement. The jawbone needs some time to recover from the previous dental implant procedure. This process is known as osseointegration.

  • Abutment placement:

An abutment is placed before the dental crown attachment. It is an optional step and can be placed post-treatment as well.

  • Dental crown placement:

The final step of the dental implant surgery! You cannot choose your natural teeth, but you can choose your prosthetic tooth. It can either be fixed or removable.

You can connect with your dental implant specialist in Loves Park to find out whether a fixed dental crown is perfect for you or not.

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