Restorative Dentistry

Your dream of “good” oral health won’t become reality overnight, it will require some effort, determination, and patience! But, that’s not all… you might also need help with some restorative dental treatments.

And…what are restorative dental treatments?

Well, dentists refer to any treatment that gets rid of damaged teeth or replaces a missing tooth as “restorative dental treatment.” It collectively forms “restorative dentistry” which is a praise-worthy advancement in dental science.

The basic purpose of restorative dentistry is to restore your dental health. And, you can include a bright smile as a bonus of restorative treatments.

…and you can also refer to it as prosthodontic dentistry. (Or do not mention any of these names, as it is not yet recognized by the ADA!)

The role of restorative dentistry for promoting better oral health:

The damage made by plaque and tartar is detrimental to your oral health. To eliminate the side effects of decayed or missing teeth, restorative dental treatments are performed.

  • Imagine having a decayed tooth, and the impact it creates on your self-confidence is inevitable. Therefore, you can get this HUGE benefit from restorative treatments i.e. to get your self-confidence back!
  • And, obviously, no one wants to live with a damaged tooth. It can have severe side effects on your oral health. So, this is another role that restorative dental treatments play by replacing your teeth.
  • Restorative dentistry helps to fill the void left by a missing tooth. And not only that, it will align your teeth in proper positions. Hence, better oral health is yet another benefit derived from restorative dentistry.

Restorative dentistry treatments and their benefits:

There are many different treatments of restorative dentistry. Let’s have a look at them!

Dental implants

This is hands down the BEST treatment for tooth decay (or missing tooth). How? It truly restores oral health by providing a solid root in your jawbone and providing a dental crown for a better chewing experience.

P.S. A bonus of most of the restorative treatments is that the prosthetic teeth are aesthetically pleasing.

Dental crowns

Do you have broken teeth or did cavities get hold of your teeth? Well, we have a solution for both the problems… DENTAL CROWNS! They are not as effective as dental implants, but they do the job. Dental crowns are caps made from tooth-like shells which your natural tooth wears. This helps in not only hiding imperfections of broken teeth but also prevents the spread of cavities.

Dental fillings

Another restorative treatment with immense benefiting capabilities… The prime purpose of a dental filling is to restore the damaged surface of a tooth. You eat chocolates, and later chocolates eat your teeth. Therefore, to prevent the further spread of cavities, get yourself a dental filling.

There are other treatments that are also considered to be a part of restorative dentistry, such as:

Your dentist will suggest the best treatment for you! The aftercare of restorative treatments is simple yet crucial (as ignoring them could be harmful to your oral health).

Brush and floss daily, and visit your dentist in Loves Park REGULARLY!

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